Look into a Spacia Group backlit mirror and feel confident about what you see. 

Spacia backlit mirrors can be fabricated in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. From a standard design to a fully customized project, and everything in between, we'll pair you with the perfect pieces certain to set your space apart. 

Our mirrors are vinyl backed and treated with finger-proof sealant. Not only does the sealant circumvent smudge, it prevents the mirror's edges from oxidizing. Built-to-last chassis are powder coated and suited for damp locations, and our silicone encased LED strips are waterproof. Spacia mirrors meet or exceed all current brand and industry standards as a result of proven design and quality components. Our sophisticated fabrication ensures consistent, durable and long-lasting mirrors capable of withstanding the normal everyday wear and tear. All backlit mirrors are covered with a 5-year general warranty and a 15-year light replacement.   


Spacia backlit mirrors are powered by trusted premium drivers. These reputable products are sophisticated, undergoing stringent safety, efficiency, and quality procedures that assure longevity. Mirrors are UL tested, approved, and appropriately labeled. 

Mirrors are either hard-wired or fitted with a plug-in unit. We suggest taking advantage of the 3-prong plug for an easier install. With a 3-prong plug, an electrician is not required for mirror installation. Plus, the position of the power source (standard duplex electrical outlet) is flexible. In other words, centering the outlet precisely behind the chassis is not necessary. The cord allows for some wiggle room.  


Unless otherwise specified, our backlit mirrors are equipped with dual 3000K LED strips. 3000K offers a brilliant, flattering warm-white illumination ideal for bathroom tasks. While higher Kelvins may appear brighter due to a greater contrast the cooler light provides, they do not actually emit more lumens. (Anything above the 3500K range will deliver a "blue" hue.)

The size of your mirror will determine the number of lumens—or brightness. The bigger the mirror, the brighter. No matter the size, however, our dual LED configuration adequately serves as a single light source. 



Our most popular backlit, the Laina features sophisticated fabrication paired with sleek style. All four sides of the mirror's outer edges are designed with a 3" frosted frame allowing for a heavenly glow. 


Equivalent to the Laina, also equipped with superior components and a classic semblance, the Caitlin features an inset four-sided 2" frosted frame visible from the mirror front. The Caitlin's alluring gleam is another fan favorite. 


Frosted 3" banding flanking either side of the mirror's edges define the Justin. This handsome backlit is simply divine and carefully constructed. Most commonly used for ADA/Handicapped accessible bathrooms.  


Uncomplicated design with utmost quality, the Aiden aims to please with its two-sided inset frosted bands visible from the mirror front. Internally lit, light emanates through the frosted area and around the mirror edges (if so desired).

Configuration is not limited to Laina, Caitlin, Justin and Aiden. Get inspired by viewing more possibilities. 


Standard Specifications.

  • 5mm copper-free, polished silver mirror, ultra-clear with safety backing
  • Frosting sealed to prevent oxidation
  • White powder-coated metal chassis & cleats
  • Powered with trusted premium drivers
  • UL tested, approved and appropriately labeled
  • 120V, 50/60 Hz 3-prong plug
  • CRI 90+
  • CCT: 3000 Kelvin
  • Dual silicone gasket moisture barrier between chassis & mirror
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year general warranty, 15-year LED strips
  • Available in various sizes

Optional Features.

Create your own specification with these optional add-ons.

For a polished, finished look—especially if sides of mirror are visible–include an acrylic diffuser to conceal LED strips.

Take dynamic control over the level of brightness emitted by adding a dimmable option.

No need to wipe down the mirror after a steamy shower with our built-in defogging technology. This feature provides a surface free of fog, condensation, streaks, and swirls leaving the glass clean and clear.

Connect your device wirelessly and stream your favorite music or podcast.

Talk about setting the mood. From understated to daring and tranquil to stunning, create your desired ambiance with just the right color.

Include an offset, bulit-in lit makeup mirror for cosmetic and grooming needs. 

Do not disturb. To minimize sleep disruption, add this detail to gently illuminate your space while the backlit is turned off. 

This savvy and sleek accessory keeps you from showing up fashionably late. 

Access your added features from the mirror's surface with a simple touch. 

Frost patterns are not limited to linear borders. Add a custom design, logo and/or text for a truly unique look.

Our extensive framing gallery features a variety of choices to complement your mirror.