Not only are we dependable, but delightful. 

Simply put, you can count on us. Our job is to make your job easier. You can count on outstanding, unmatched customer service. You can count on excellent quality products. You can count on creative, innovative and resourceful solutions. Our team is committed to bringing out the best in people and places. Through connectivity, distinction, competitiveness, productivity and support, not only are we dependable, but delightful. Not only are our products superior, but they arrive on time. Simply put, you can count on us.


Your biggest advocate, cheerleader and champion. Serving as your main point of contact, each Client Account Manager ensures your needs are understood and expectations are met—often exceeded. We go the extra mile.


Our experienced consultants work in collaboration with you to help define your unique space. Rely on our art team to deliver fresh perspectives, informed recommendations, and imaginative solutions.


Once on order, project management initiates the white-glove treatment. Your project is treated with utmost care from production through delivery and after. Resolutions are thoughtful and quick. We go above and beyond. 


Spacia Group implements the ideals of Lean Manufacturing—a methodology based on minimizing waste within the warehouse without sacrificing productivity and quality. We continually look for ways to increase workplace functionality in our processes, in our thinking, and in our actions. Our team embraces this philosophy and consistently aims to provide products that are free from defect, not to mention fabricated on-time. Your art and framed mirrors are in good hands. Our experienced craftspeople precisely construct and carefully fit each piece. Every piece feels novel and one-of-a-kind considering the devoted attention and skill.


You can count on us. 

                                     Our proven process starts with you—our client. 


Relationships developed with clients are as unique as the spaces we help to define.

Art packages (products) are on trend, creative, relative and custom to each client/project.

Quotations presented are accurate, timely and competitive. 

Products produced are of superior quality and deliver on time. 

Resolutions are thoughtful and quick. We go above and beyond.