Made in the USA

Celebrating our domestically-made products, but more so the craftsmen & women who make it happen.

Before Spacia Group was—well Spacia Group—it was known as International Moulding Company or IMC for short. The company began as a custom picture framing business 31 years ago. Hundreds of corner samples lined the showroom walls, welcoming walk-ins and loyal customers alike.

A few short years later, IMC tacked on “Framed Art & Mirrors” expanding not only product offerings, but the type of patrons. The focus shifted to hospitality clients. It wasn’t long before IMC Framed Art & Mirrors developed a reputation for unsurpassed customer service and excellent quality products among designers, purchasers, owners, etc.

Whether International Moulding Company, IMC Framed Art & Mirrors, or Spacia Group, our enduring, industry-leading success is a testament to our team’s creativity, responsiveness and values. Channeling our true picture-framing origin, Spacia Group applies that same precision, detail and ingenuity to art creation as well as mirror and door construction. Since our founding in 1993, we are continuously improving our techniques and methods in order to deliver a superior product at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

Enter our talented craftsmen and women, several of which started when Spacia was IMC. This behind-the-scenes team is the backbone of our operation. Dedicated to their craft, these men and women pour expertise and passion into each piece created (and it’s a lot of pieces!). With precision and care, they measure, cut and assemble custom art and mirrors, paying close attention to every detail. Their prowess stretches beyond technical proficiency; it embodies a deep understanding of aesthetics and design principles, especially when artwork extends beyond a traditional frame.   

The upcoming Fourth of July holiday provides the perfect opportunity to shine light on our domestically-made products. But more importantly, a chance to celebrate our craftsmen and women and our company as a whole. 

Think of purchasing art from Spacia like buying local produce from your Farmer’s Market. The produce hasn’t traveled far, it’s higher quality, and it supports your community. 

When you buy from Spacia Group, you’re supporting a company whose motto is “bringing out the best in people and places.” You’re supporting a company who seeks to honor God by enriching the lives of others. You’re supporting a company fostering a caring culture based on trust and respect. You’re supporting a company dedicated to unmatched customer service. You’re supporting a company who values relationships over the bottom line. You’re supporting all of this while receiving excellent quality products that arrive on time. Cue the fireworks.

Happy Independence Day, friends!

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