Margaritaville & Club Wyndham

Atlanta, GA

The city's skyline looks a bit different after the addition of Wyndham Destinations' first vacation club resort property in Atlanta. The new 22-story urban oasis located on the edge of Centennial Olympic Park consists of two very distinct experiences: Club Wyndham, a more upscale contemporary feel, and Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham, a laid-back casual atmosphere. Regardless, both brands exude luxury. The modern resort offers a more comfortable way to travel—most suites feature multiple bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and relaxed living spaces. 

Responsible for the gorgeous interior, Design Poole mixed modern materials, warm woods, and sophisticated color palettes throughout the space. Bringing those final touches to life, Spacia Group worked in tandem with Design Poole to deliver public space and guest room art, as well as decorative mirrors—15 different styles to be exact. Each piece was thoughtfully designed to complement the vacation club's stylish aesthetic. Sleek and smooth, the various mirrors produced for Club Wyndham subtly scream sophistication while the mirrors created for Margaritaville feature natural elements drawn from the sea, sky, and sand. The personality of either brand is elevated by each custom mirror. 

The Phoenix, a mythological bird, said to live a full life cycle before bursting into flames and remerging again in brilliant red and crimson hues, represents resurrection, life, death, birth, renewal. An unofficial symbol of Atlanta, this bird portrays a city that ascended from the ashes and devastation of the Civil War only to become a vibrant metropolis known around the globe. The custom artwork developed for Club Wyndham is heavily influenced by this symbolic bird. The phoenix and ash undertones are a prevalent theme throughout the resort's compositions. A meaningful muse mixed with various substrates, such as metal and wood, make for a compelling art package. The artwork is another dimension of sophistication initiated by the overall design narrative. 

A project of this magnitude isn't for the faint of heart, it requires true leaders of design, procurement, and project management. With a deep understanding of client ROI and project logistics, Resort Interiors was instrumental in bringing the dual property to life. From planning and procurement to the immense coordination of delivery and installation, Spacia's deep-rooted partnership with Resort Interiors ensured seamless success. Working with talented, trusted, and dependable professionals like Resort Interiors and Design Poole makes defining unique spaces satisfying and bringing out the best in people and places meaningful. 


155 Centennial Olympic Park Drive

Design Poole


Resort Interiors

June 2022

200 suites

art consulting
public space art
guest room art
decorative mirrors