Avenues of Inspiration

How Spacia's Art Team Constantly Encourages Creativity

According to Dictionary.com the definition of 'inspire' is 'to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence; to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.).' Spacia's art team is consistently generating inspiring art packages with each and every project. Our consultants bring a fresh perspective, informed recommendations, and imaginative solutions. But what inspires them?

Art Consultant Nellie Seigel, a Chicago transplant, finds inspiration in her surroundings. The Windy City is home to numerous galleries and world class museums, and Nellie especially loves taking time to visit the Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art. Whenever a creative block hits, Nellie hits the neighborhood. A walk around the block near the Chicago River includes historic homes and tree-lined streets. Taking in the sight—a mix of urban and green, new and old—gets those creative juices flowing. 

Like a lot of us, Instagram and Pinterest are sources of inspo. As Nellie scrolls, posts from various artists and international interior design shows have her attention. She also keeps a close eye on Chicago Collage Community

Art Consultant Shannon Kemplin credits Pinterest as a springboard for inspiration. She specifically looks for upcoming art movements as well as artwork from around the world. "I love to see what's trending in Europe because they seem to be a few years ahead," she observes.

Shannon is also influenced by the unassuming. It could be anything. With her artist's eye, she's constantly looking for motivation in the day to day. From a store window display to a child's doodle to the fashion runway, Shannon is making mental notes of the styles that stand out. Art is everywhere. 

Much like her team, Art Director Tricia Biagi pins and peruses, taking creative advantage of the global exposure social media provides. A simple scroll can reveal new styles, ideas and concepts. The balance between the screen and the real deal, however, is significant. Tricia relies on travel and nature to inspire her work, immersing herself as much as possible.

Additionally, Tricia is impressed by the talented designers we have the pleasure of serving. When creating custom art and curating pieces for our clients, she finds inspiration in their design aesthetic and color boards. Whether the project leans toward minimalism, art deco, biophilia, or another trending style, Tricia is excited to develop an art package that complements their design vision.

In summary, inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny. Our art consultants are experts in seeking out the spark. 

What inspires you? 

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